Perfect Conservatory Roofs and Ceilings in the West Midlands

Find the perfect roof for your new extension or conservatory in Sutton Coldfield and throughout the West Midlands. Our specialists supply an assortment of conservatory roofs and ceilings to suit your needs. Ideal for either domestic or commercial properties, our roofs are designed to meet your height and measurement requirements. Get in touch today to find out more.


Outstanding Products

Always starting with an initial consultation to discuss your needs, we provide an extensive selection of high-quality and thermally efficient solutions for conservatory retrofits. We stock the most effectively designed and quickest-to-fit insulated conservatory roofs on the market today.

Spacious Lean-to Designs

The lean-to is an ever-popular British conservatory style, with a pleasing simplicity to its design providing a spacious and practical building extension solution. Commonly fitted to bungalows, lean-to conservatories can be installed with a range of roof pitches from as low as 12.5˚ right up to 35˚.


Gable Style Conservatories

Gable conservatory designs provide a satisfyingly high internal ceiling height, giving an added sense of grandeur and space. Installations can span up to six metres in width to deliver a truly spacious extension. Consisting of pitched sides, and distinguishable by their elevated, flat-faced frontage, Gable-style conservatories look sensational.


Choosing the Right Roof

Our experienced team will help you select the ideal conservatory roof or ceiling for you.

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Georgian or Edwardian Conservatories

Popular with customers throughout the UK, a Georgian or Edwardian conservatory offers plenty of living space with its practical square or rectangular footprint. Older Georgian-style conservatories are ideal for upgrading with a stylish Celsius solid roof, giving a much-loved yet tired part of the home a new lease of life.


Victorian Conservatories

Victorian conservatories span up to six metres in width, presenting an appealing design that, for many of us, is the quintessential English conservatory. Although the Victorian shape adds complexity.